King's Sutton Heritage Trust Home PageKing's Sutton Heritage Trust was founded in 2005 with the aim of promoting, protecting and enhancing the history, facilities, structures and amenities of the village and the surrounding area for the benefit of its inhabitants. The Trust seeks to pursue this mission by funding projects that would otherwise fall outside the scope of normal rates and taxes.

The Heritage Trust's initial project was the development of a website for the village, which some six years after its launch in January 2006 recorded its 62,000th visitor. The website continues to be revamped and updated, and the Trust invites anyone and everyone with King’s Sutton connections to send information about their families, past events, historical issues and all current events concerning the village.

Another key project of the Trust’s website is the History Archive, a “living document” that includes pages devoted to “Times Past” and the “Memories” related to the village. Again, anyone with information about past events, along with photographs, is urged to send these to the Trust.

Other Heritage Trust projects include the revival of the The Reading Rooms Coronation Challenge Cup, first presented in 1937 and now renamed the Heritage Cup. The cup is presented at King’s Sutton Primary School's annual speech day to the pupil producing the most outstanding piece of literary work. Other beneficiaries of funds donated by the Trust include the King’s Sutton Juniors under 11s Football Team and the Playing Fields.