King’s Sutton Community First Responders

Community First Responders

Every second counts when someone has a serious illness and simple interventions can save lives or prevent disability. We are a group of volunteer Community First Responders who live or work in King’s Sutton and surrounding areas in South Northamptonshire. Working in partnership with East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS), we respond to life threatening emergency medical calls within our area and provide vital assistance to people who are ill or injured while the emergency ambulance travels to the scene.

What We Do
When a 999 call is made within our local area, the Ambulance Service dispatches an emergency ambulance as normal to the scene, but at the same time it will contact the Community First Responder (CFR) who is on-duty. In a similar way to how retained firefighters or volunteer RNLI crews attend incidents from their home or workplace, the Community First Responder will attend the call and, because they are already in the local area, can often arrive before the ambulance and begin to treat the patient by:

  • Giving oxygen therapy
  • Clearing and controlling the airway of an unconscious patient
  • Providing bag-valve mask resuscitation and heart defibrillation
  • Controlling any bleeding
  • Taking basic observations
  • Reassuring worried family and friends and taking charge of the situation

The King’s Sutton Community First Responders group co-ordinated by Elaine Cross was launched in February 2011 with help from a £1200 donation by the parish council and £324 collected by regulars at the White Horse public house. Click here for more information about the work of the Community First Responders.