General Election, South Northamptonshire, June 2017 – UKIP Candidate Statement

UKIP is at its best when it is being radical. It is strongest when it is being bold and leading the political agenda rather than following. We have done this on numerous occasions over the years.

When we first said that Britain could not only survive but prosper outside the European Union, the political class laughed at us. When we spoke of the need for a points-based system for migrants we were derided. This is now government policy for non-EU migrants.

In many ways, UKIP was a decade ahead of its time on these issues. UKIP is once again setting the agenda. Be it our stance on balanced migration, constitutional reform or integration, we are leading where the other parties will eventually follow. On major issues of the day, immigration, the economy, our health service and law and order, the old parties have raised the expectations of the public during election time, only to let them down, time and time again. You can guarantee that when UKIP says something, we mean it. UKIP will always be here.

If you believe in Britain, if you believe in our values, and if you believe in real Brexit, then vote UKIP on 8th June. Please click here to view our detailed and costed manifesto.

Nigel Wickens – UKIP Parliamentary Candidate

Click here to contact Nigel Wickens by email.

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