General Election, South Northamptonshire, December 12, 2019 – Green Party Candidate Statement

I am Denise Donaldson, standing with the Green Party for South Northamptonshire in the 2019 General Election. I also stood in 2017. I am standing with the Green Party, as I am fed up with all the failed austerity and the division it has brought to our Country. 

I have lived in South Northants for 22 years. My two children were born and educated here. I have worked in the NHS, since 1988, as a midwife and now as a nurse practitioner in a busy GP Surgery. I have witnessed many changes in the NHS over the years, a lot not for the best. I have campaigned for improvements to maternity services and against school cuts. 

Locally, I tried to address match-day parking problems at Sixfields, and I campaign against the two rail freight interchanges. We are getting one now at J15 of the M1 near Grange Park and Roade due to the government’s Strategic Office okaying it, even though local government refused the application. What will that do to our already choked local roads? I also help to feed the homeless, preparing fresh, home-cooked food in my own kitchen on a rota. 

I stand with the Green Party, as a NHS nurse, because I care – I care about my patients, I care about my constituents, and I care deeply about our environment. I have witnessed first-hand the result of the harsh austerity cuts in my community, with a 23% rise in food bank users just in South Northants alone (Trussel Trust 2019), people crying; with increased depression. 

I believe the Green Party is the best party, with the best policies to address the needs of our society, to build an economy for everyone, not the few; to bring a much-needed change of direction; for a fairer, more equal society. Read our 2019 Manifesto here. A Green Government would introduce Universal Basic Income, so no one need go hungry or live on the streets. 

With all the cuts we have seen to the NHS, police, schools and fire services, we are now a more unstable country under the Tories. The junior doctors’ strike did highlight the seriousness of the ongoing crisis in our NHS. You are suffering reduced services, increased waiting times, closure of local services, and nationally, A & E and hospital closures with increased waiting times. To top all that, Northampton General Hospital announced a freeze of four months on routine operations – all cancelled! Again, we, the people suffering, in pain, due to this government’s cuts. Before the NHS, people suffered and died because they couldn’t afford healthcare. We do not want to return to those days.

  • The best hope for a truly progressive politics would be more Green MPs to hold any Tory government to account or push a Labour government to be far bolder. 
  • We know that Theresa May ignored Police Federation advice and imposed vicious 20,000 cuts of to our police and security services. Now Boris promises 21,000 new police officers – all needing to be trained. Still not enough to take us to 2015 levels of policing.
  • It is no good Boris suppressing a report regarding Russian interference into the 2016 referendum until after the general election – we want to see that report now! What have the Conservatives got to hide?
  • A Green Government would reverse subsides to fossil fuels and fund local authorities to invest in the local economy and businesses. 
  • When people vote Green, they know they’ll get an MP who opposed the Tories’ extreme Brexit, who will stand up for a truly public NHS, and put the protection of the environment at the core of what they do. If you want to live in a fair, democratic, strong and stable society for the good of all, vote Green on December 12.  
  • Greens are the party of the future!

Thank you,

Denise Donaldson
Green Party Candidate
Click here to visit Denise Donaldson’s Facebook page for more information.

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