General Election, South Northamptonshire, December 12, 2019 – Independent Candidate Statement

I am Stuart McCutcheon independent candidate for the South Northamptonshire constituency in the forthcoming general election. The government borrows money from the Bank of England based on the previous year's GDP. At the end of that year it replaces the borrowed money with funds generated by quantitative easing. This money would be used for a Sterling Bond whilst providing wage increases across the board based on the previous year’s GDP figures to relaln its value. The Sterling Bond would be an index-linked gilt (IG) locking in the rate of GDP to inflation/quantitative easing in one Bond thus mantaining the value.

This would ensure that our internal currency was the world’s safest only to be affected by external currency markets.

I have a young family and want a better future for our chidren with a health and social care system second to none, police police services to provide security, education that is fit for purpose and ecological sustainability. If you vote for
me I will do my utmost to support local constituents with issues that concern us and conVInce fellow MPs that my vision should be taken seriously. 

Please take time to look at my website which sets out my vision for the future and the changes I would like to see. Click here.

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