General Election, South Northamptonshire, June 2017 – Green Party Candidate Statement

I have made Northampton my home and am fighting for the future of South Northamptonshire. A full-time working nurse and mother of two (one about to go to university), I know all too well how NHS and social services funding cuts are hurting many of us and the effects that tuition fees have on the budgets of working families.

I am campaigning against the rail interchange warehouses being proposed close to historic villages, which will add congestion to our roads and already overcrowded rail network. I believe the massive costs of HS2, the high speed railway across our region, provides us with no direct benefit and that the investment would be better spent on a total rethink of public transport including developing local cross-country rail links.

Your support and your Green vote will really count in this unique election. It’s not about the next five years, it’s about the next 50 years.

The Green Party is offering real opposition to this government’s extreme Brexit. We have the vision to deliver an alternative future for our country – and our place in the world.

The Green Party offers a different kind of politics:

  • To shape an economy for everyone while preserving a safe environment
  • To build affordable homes and provide properly-funded public services
  • To put power back in your hands through a citizens’ democracy

Every Green vote on 8th June will help make that vision a reality.

If you agree with us, stand with us. The Conservatives think they have this election sewn up. But it’s in your hands. Stand with us for housing, schools. our NHS, our environment, and our future.

We stand up for what matters.

Denise Donaldson – Parliamentary candidate for the Green Party

Click here to contact Denise Donaldson via her Facebook page.

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