King’s Sutton Preschool

King's Sutton Preschool is very proud to have been awarded “Outstanding” by Ofsted in its two most recent inspections – July 2010 and May 2016. In Preschool’s 2016 report, Ofsted’s inspector made the following points:

  • The quality of teaching is outstanding. Staff have an exceptional knowledge of the children in their care, their interests and how they learn as individuals. They plan a rich, varied and imaginative variety of well-targeted activities that enhances children’s ongoing development.
  • The manager and staff use highly effective strategies to involve parents in their child’s ongoing development. They offer exciting ideas and information that enable parents to continue and extend their child’s learning at home.
  • Children settle exceptionally well and build superb bonds with staff and their peers. Their individual needs are extremely well known and effectively incorporated into the day.
  • All children are valued as unique individuals and staff’s commitment to supporting all children, including those who have special educational needs or disability, is first class. Staff work cohesively with external agencies to ensure that children’s developmental and emotional needs are targeted superbly.
  • Children’s safety and well-being are paramount. Staff encourage children to think about different scenarios, what might happen and the action they would take to remain safe.Children play in a safe, secure environment.
  • Management and staff constantly evaluate the quality of care and education provided. They plan effectively and accurately analyse the comments and views of parents to continually enhance this exceptional provision. Staff seek to enhance their own knowledge and skills through a programme of professional development.

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Preschool offers a friendly and welcoming environment for young children and their families, and an opportunity for children to participate in a wide range of activities and experiences. It offers a balance between adult-led activities and child-led play where the children are free to choose from all the resources on offer. At every session there is at least one adult-led activity chosen to promote a particular aspect of learning or well-being, based on the staff’s observations and assessment's of the children’s needs. For example, staff will invite children to come to a “Chatter Time” or “Maths-tastic” group session where they will do fun activities that are focussed on specific educational attainment and during which they are all encouraged to be active participants.

Every session, staff and children come together as a whole group. They might sing together, dance, do an obstacle course or yoga, play instruments or act out a story together. They also use this time to celebrate birthdays, special events in the children’s lives and to discuss what they have been enjoying that day.

The rest of the session has a “free flow” approach: the children are free to choose from all the activities and resources on offer, indoors and out with the staff supporting and promoting their learning.

Staff and children go outside whatever the weather, enabling the children to choose from bikes, trikes, balls and hoops, etc when they use the larger playground, This helps develop their physical skills and co-ordination. There is also an enclosed garden allowing the children a further choice of activities, such as building and running assault courses, large construction blocks, mud kitchen, and the chance to plant vegetables, herbs and flowers and observe the insect life.

Outings are planned throughout the term to encourage the children to explore and discover the community in which they live. Outings have included trips to the Post Office, local gardens and shops, churches and carol singing for the elderly. During outings the adult/child ratio is increased with the help of parents/carers to ensure complete safety, especially when crossing roads. A full risk assessment is always carried out before any outing is undertaken.

King’s Sutton Preschool holds annual events: the Scarecrow Festival in September; a winter Lantern Walk; a Christmas “Journey to Bethlehem”; Easter events and Sports Day (actually, a sports hour!). And just for the men-folk to come in and play we have our FUDGE Sundays, For Uncles, Dads, Grandads, Etc.

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