Parish Council Footpaths Warden Scheme

PathThe Parish Footpath Warden Scheme has been running since the mid 1990s. The purpose of the scheme is to encourage the involvement of local people in their parish to improve the footpath network and promote the benefits of using it. The aim of the scheme is to ensure that the network of public rights of way is maintained and publicised by involving the local community, land owners, farmers and the councils in management of the footpaths.

The Role of the Warden is to:

  • Act as a liaison point for rights of way issues between parish council and rights of way services.
  • Ensure that the needs of the local community in respect of the rights of way network are being represented. This will include negotiating and working closely with local landowners and farmers.
  • Inspect all the rights of way pathways at least once in every year. Making sure that pathways are kept clear, route signs are clearly visible and stiles, gates, etc are in good order.
  • Report any problems encountered on the network to their individual Rights of Way Officer at Northampton County Council.

The Countryside & Rights of Way Act 2000 places a duty on every Local Highway Authority to prepare and publish a Rights of Way Improvement Plan and the points of action are:

  • Creation of a safe, ‘joined-up’ network of footpaths.
  • Make the access easier for everyone.
  • Improve people's health, fitness and wellbeing.
  • Improve links between communities.
  • Maintain route signage.
  • Increase publicity and interpretation of footpaths.
  • Improve regular maintenance of footpath network.
  • Offer travel choices and growth of the network.

In all these areas the footpath warden is invited to contribute on behalf of our parish council.

The Footpath warden may come from any background but will share a common interest in the countryside and in particular in the rights of way network in this parish. The appointment of Footpath Warden follows a formal recommendation from the Parish Council.

The appointed Parish Footpaths Warden for King’s Sutton Parish Council is currently Dave Hall. The Assistant Parish Footpaths Warden is Anne Burrell. Click here for their contact details.

Call the Parish Clerk on 01295 816905 (or use the email link below) for more information.

Click here to contact the Parish Clerk by email.