Parish Councillor Street Allocations

Each King’s Sutton Parish Councillor assumes responsibility for one or more village streets to serve as a contact point for residents who find it necessary to raise issues of concern regarding local amenities. Click here to view, download or print a list of streets and the councillors who are responsible for them.

Here’s what Parish Councillors do in their designated street areas:

  1. Note residents’ comments and deal with them as appropriate.
  2. Check on the condition of street furniture and Parish Council property – including parish noticeboards; yellow litter bins; dog waste bins; gates; seats; play equipment; bus shelters – and report any faults or damage to the Clerk or to the councillors for the Rec or the cemetery as appropriate.
  3. Monitor fly posting, and remove out-dated posters and those not related to the village from all lamp posts and telegraph poles, and install current bus timetables.
  4. Check that street lighting is in good working order, reporting faults or concerns to the Clerk for the attention of the contractor, and reporting on damage to lamp columns to the Clerk or the Councillor for Lighting.
  5. Monitor the cleanliness of the streets and any land owned by the Parish Council, and report back to the Clerk any unacceptable levels of litter on the ground or in bins for the ultimate attention of South Northamptonshire Council or the Parish Council’s contractor.
  6. Identify and report any dog fouling “hot spots” via South Northamptonshire Council’s online reporting system.
  7. Monitor fly tipping and report any instances via South Northamptonshire Council’s online reporting system.
  8. Report minor highway defects to Northamptonshire County Council’s Street Doctor online reporting system
  9. Call 0300 126 1000 for any street problems that need to be dealt with immediately:
    • Ditches blocked and causing flooding
    • Drain covers broken or missing
    • Drains blocked and flooding private property, road or footpath
    • Roads flooding or sublect to unacceptable levels of mud or oil/diesel spillage
    • Illuminated sign unlit, damaged or missing
    • Traffic signals damaged and/or with exposed wiring
    • Fallen tree
  1. Report any concerns with trees and overhanging hedges to the Tree Warden or the Clerk.
  2. Report any concerns with rights of way to the Parish Paths Wardens.
  3. Where possible, identify new residents when and where home ownership changes and alert the designated Councillor so that a Welcome Pack may be delivered.
  4. Deliver and collect leaflets and flyers related to Parish Council affairs and be available as first contact.
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