Village Photography Competition

The King’s Sutton Parish Council Photography competition 2022

1. Why are we running the photography competition?

The Parish Council wishes to freshen up the website and associated social media sites with new images/content captured by the residents of the village. Therefore, we are running a photography competition to see what images King’s Sutton residents can capture of their local village from their cameras and phones.

2. Is there a theme to the photography competition?

The broad theme of the competition is ‘King’s Sutton Life’.

3. Who can enter the photography competition?

Any resident of King’s Sutton can enter images.

4. What is the prize?

There is a £150 prize for the overall winner/First Prize given as an Amazon Gift card. Second prize is a £50 Amazon Gift card.

The winner, runner up and any Highly Commended images will be published and recognised on the website, on our social media sites and the King’s Sutton Times.

5. When does the competition run?

The competition runs from Monday 3rd January 2022 until 30th April 2022.

6. How much does it cost to enter?

It Is free of charge to enter the competition.

7. Who are the judges?

There will be three independent judges including two professional photographers and respected photography industry judges. The judges’ decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into once the winner is announced.

8. How many times can the competition be entered?

Each photographer can enter the competition once. There is a maximum of six images that can be entered by each photographer.

9. How do I submit images?

Please send all image submissions to

10. Can I withdraw or swap an image once I’ve entered it?

Once the images have been sent, they cannot be changed, images cannot be removed or swapped out for other images.

11. Can images be taken on a phone?

Yes, images can be taken on any device capable of producing a digital image of sufficient size for entry. For full guidelines on minimum image requirements see the Preparing Your Images section below. NB: most photos taken with a 4‐year‐old smartphone or newer will work. You could check for older models online.

12. Do images have to be taken in and around King’s Sutton?

Yes, as the objective of the competition is to capture the spirit of and collect images of the village of King’s Sutton and to use some on the website, Instagram page and other social media sites.

13. Can I enter a photo that has previously won other awards?

Yes, you can enter images that have been submitted to (and won) other photography awards.

14. Is there a minimum size for images?

There is a recommended minimum file size of 1980 pixels on the shortest side. Full guidelines on image requirements are provided in the Preparing Your Images section below.

15. Can I submit retouched images?

There are no restrictions on the use of digital manipulation. More information on image requirements is provided in the Preparing Your Images section below.

16. How should I prepare my images for submission?

Full guidelines on image preparation are provided in the Preparing Your Images section below.

17. Eligibility of entry

Entries from any King’s Sutton Parish Councillors or their close family members are not permitted in this competition.

18. Consent to the Use of the images online

A condition of entry is that all entrants consent to the use of any of the images submitted on the website and social media used by the parish council of King’s Sutton. The author will retain the copyright but give their permission for the images use by the parish council. This includes the following websites and social media sites:

  • Website
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

The winning images will also be published in King’s Sutton Times after the competition finishes.

Preparing your images for entry

1. File type – Images should be saved as jpegs at the highest quality available to you. Digital scans from film or prints are also eligible providing they meet these technical guidelines. If sending Images by email from a phone when asked which size, select the largest option (usually in mb rather than kb). Please note we cannot accept printed photographs all entries must be sent digitally.

2. Image size and resizing – Whilst no image sizes will be rejected at upload, winning images will be required to be of sufficient quality to allow their use on the King’s Sutton Parish Council website and social media. It is therefore advised that images measure a minimum of 1,980 pixels on the shortest side after any cropping. Where images submitted are smaller than this, it will be assumed that this is the largest image size available to the photographer and may affect that image’s chances of winning. The submission of larger file sizes is encouraged if available. 4 There are Photoshop and other image software tutorials online that show you how to best resize an image. NB: most photos taken with a 4‐year‐old smartphone or newer will work. You could check for older models online.

3. Image Manipulation – There are no restrictions regarding the manipulation of images using software or other techniques, provided that all imagery is the exclusive work of the submitting photographer and does not include any element that is the copyright of another.

4. Image descriptions – We encourage photographers to include a description about their work during the upload process. This is a great way to tell a story or other interesting facts about your image. The judges will be able to read this while rating to give them insight into how you came about the shot.

5. Naming your entry images – Where possible if the entrants should have their forename and surname in the image file name but so long as the images are sent from the author’s email, they can be changed by the competition administrators. Please include your name in the email with the images.