Bus Services

Thursday Shopper Service – King’s Sutton-Banbury-King’s Sutton

In the light of Northamptonshire County Council’s withdrawal of subsidies for scheduled bus services, King’s Sutton Parish Council has voted to continue subsidising the Thursday Shopper bus service, now operated every week by Cheney Coaches until March 2019. (Councillors will then review the service to establish whether the level of usage justifies the continuation of a weekly service.)

Thursday Shopper outbound times – King’s Sutton to Banbury Bus Station:
09:30 Astrop Road bus shelter
09:35 Junction of Bulls Lane and Banbury Lane

NB: The bus stops on request en route to Banbury at Sainsbury’s, Horton General Hospital, and Bloxham Road (for Horsefair Surgery or dentist).

Thursday Shopper return time – Banbury to King’s Sutton
12:20 from Banbury Bus Station

NB: The driver sets down passengers at various locations in King’s Sutton on request. Request stops include Banbury Lane, Richmond Street, Newlands, the Co-op, Astrop Grange, Astrop Road bus shelter and the junction of Astrop Road and Glebe Rise/The Knob.

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