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At Last... Some Light Relief!

September 9th, 2011

The Parish Council has been informed by its lighting contractor, Aylesbury Mains, that the company has this week completed the fitting of modified timing devices to just under half  of the village's 120 street lights. The replacement timing devices should mean an end to the recent problems with some lamps either being on all the time or not coming on at all.

The cost of this work is being covered by the company that supplied the faulty devices. In fact, the work will help save the Parish Council money as those lights fitted with the new timing devices will now automatically turn off between midnight and 5.30 am.

The council would be grateful if anyone spotting a street light that continues to suffer from faulty timing or any other problem could use the "Submit News" form on the Main News Page to report it. (Please give the location of the street light concerned and include a brief description of the problem.)

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