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Police Investigate Cable Thefts in King’s Sutton and Aynho

January 27th, 2012

Stolen CableNorthamptonshire Police are investigating two thefts of BT phone cable in the area, the first from Charlton Road, Aynho on January 8 and the second at Banbury Lane/Barton Close, King’s Sutton on January 11. The theft of 800m of copper pair cabling valued at around £20,000 from King’s Sutton left many households and businesses in the village with no vital phone or broadband connections for over a week. Line-based personal alarm systems intended to bring emergency help to the elderly, disabled and other vulnerable residents were also rendered useless until BT’s engineers were able to restore services.

This is the second time in the past year or so that residents and businesses in King’s Sutton have suffered prolonged loss of telephone services due to the activities of metal thieves. BT says that thieves posing as BT workers would have cut through the cable, replaced the inspection covers, then returned some hours later to steal it. They would have needed at least a four ton winch to pull the cable out.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said: “Metal theft is a nationwide problem and has seen a recent resurgence across the country. We are very much aware of the impact such crime has on communities and in particular those in rural areas who rely so heavily on communication networks for both personal and business use. This particular location is made vulnerable to this kind of crime by having quiet roads between villages yet very good transport links close by.”

Anyone with information that might help the police bring the perpetrators of such crimes to justice and prevent future occurences should call the non-emergency number 101 and ask to speak to Tim Pearson, the Safer Community Team Sergeant at Brackley.

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