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Reports for Annual Parish Meeting Now Available

April 16th, 2012

Reports for Wednesday night's Annual Parish Meeting are now available both in hard copy format from the Parish Council office at the Millennium Memorial Hall and in PDF format as follows:

Andrea Leadsom MP Report

Annual Parish Meeting Agenda

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 2011

Cllr Ian Morris, South Northants Council Report

Cllr Ken Melling, Northamptonshire County Council Report

King’s Sutton Heritage Trust Annual Report

King’s Sutton Millennium Memorial Hall Annual Report

King’s Sutton Playing Fields Association Annual Report

Parish Council Amenities, Cemeteries and Rights of Way Committee Annual Report

Parish Council Chairman’s Annual Report

Parish Council Finance and General Purposes Committee Annual Report

Parish Council Lighting Committee Annual Report

Parish Council Receipts and Payments Summary Comparison

Poor's Allotment Annual Report

Public Transport Annual Report

Rights of Way Annual Report

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