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South Northants Council to Bin Its Current Recycling Scheme

April 19th, 2012

Plans for a revised and improved waste and recycling service were approved at yesterday’s meeting of South Northamptonshire Council. The changes will include a simpler recycling system, a weekly food waste collection service and other changes that will “not only improve the service but... will also give better value for money to residents.” The changes are attributable to the fact that about half of the council’s waste collection vehicles will need replacement by next year. This, the council says, has provided it with an opportunity to look at the latest industry methods and review its current practices.

The new recycling scheme, planned for introduction in summer next year, will lead to the replacement of the green and black plastic boxes currently used with a third wheelie bin. All recyclable packaging – glass, paper, cardboard, tins, plastics and new items such as Tetrapak cartons – will go into the new bin. This means that there will be more space for these items and residents will no longer be required to sort them into different containers. Nor will they need to lift heavy boxes of glass as they currently do. 

In summer 2013, households will also be issued with special caddies for the collection of food waste, which will be emptied by the council each week. Other changes include a revision of collection days to ensure that collections are less affected by bank holidays.

Prior to the introduction of the new scheme, residents will be consulted on the changes to see how they can best be implemented. This will be followed by an education programme to ensure that everyone understands the changes. South Northamptonshire Council promises to work with all households to make sure that they can accommodate the new scheme.

“These changes not only mean that residents will get a better service but they will also be more cost effective,” says Cllr Dermot Bambridge, portfolio holder for environment and waste management. “Many residents don’t realise the cost of disposing of general household waste in landfill sites. As well as saving tons of food from going into expensive landfill, experience from other parts of the country shows that when people realise how much food they throw away each week, many change their shopping habits and save money.”

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