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South Northants Council Seeks Feedback on Food Waste Collections

May 1st, 2012

South Northants Council (SNC) is surveying local residents for their views on the idea of introducing weekly food waste collections. The council has produced a quick online questionnaire to gauge public support for the idea. The questionnaire is available on its website here.

The council claims significant environmental benefits could be derived from food waste collections. Not only would they reduce the amount of rubbish going to expensive landfill but the waste would be used to produce useful by-products: compost for soil conditioning and methane to generate electricity. Less waste to landfill would also mean lower costs, helping to keep the council's overheads down and to protect frontline services.

Weekly food collection could help families cut household bills too says Councillor Dermot Bambridge, portfolio holder for environment and waste management. “Experience shows that it actually helps families reduce food bills through greater awareness of waste," he says.

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