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Parish Council Seeks Residents’ Views on Dealing With Litter

May 18th, 2012

RubbishLitter has become something of a hot topic in recent weeks after Radio 4 newsreader Alice Arnold caused a stir by throwing a bottle back through the window of a vehicle from which it had been casually tossed a moment before. (Read all about it here.)

The subject of litter has also been exercising our Parish Council since it held its annual “Litter Pick” last month. Over a single week in mid-April, eight Parish Councillors and assorted local volunteers (Zabin Al-Anazi, Jackie Bradley, Ann Burrell, Mariane Day, Derek and Diana Wolton and the seniors of the Boys Brigade) collected a total of thirty-two bags of rubbish from around the village.

Parish Council Chairman Geoffrey Searle thanked everyone who took part and noted that a particularly concerned resident had reported one of the litter collectors to the police as a suspicious-looking character, who was furtively poking around near parked cars. “Next year,” said Councillor Searle, “we will use plain bag bags for collections rather than those marked ‘swag’. On a more serious note, special thanks are due to the litter collector in question, Zabin Al-Anazi, who ranges far and wide throughout the year – sometimes right up to Twyford Mill! – to clear litter from our roads and verges. In fact, Zabin is so often to be seen litter picking at the train station that many passengers assume he's a Network Rail employee!”

Councillor Searle also pointed out that dealing with litter is everyone’s responsibility, all year round:

“We know that many of the people who feel privileged to live in King’s Sutton pick up and bin rubbish whenever they find it and would be perfectly happy to participate in our ‘Litter Picks’ but can't always make it. For that reason, we are asking residents for feedback on the idea of extending the Litter Pick to a month or longer rather than a single week, or perhaps holding another week-long event at the end of each summer.

“We don’t think civic pride is an outdated concept in our village. However, last month’s Litter Pick highlighted the need for people to give more thought to the appearance of our public spaces and surrounding countryside. In particular, it once again revealed the worst excesses of those dog-owners who allow their pets to foul the pathways in and around the village. And of course those idiots who bag their dog’s mess then simply throw the bag into a field or  hedgerow instead of using the bins we provide for the purpose.”

Anyone with an opinion on the Parish Council’s Litter Pick events, particularly those who would like to participate, is invited to contact the council directly and make their views known. (Contact details are listed in the Quick Contacts section of this website.) The council provides all participants with gloves, high-visibility safety vests, rubbish sacks and long-handle litter pickers.

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