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Your Village Needs You – Two Parish Councillors and a Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator Needed

June 12th, 2012

Parish Council Vacancies
Due to the sad death last month of Councillor Philip Monks and the recent resignation of Councillor Lucinda Stuart, King’s Sutton Parish Council now has two casual vacancies. (Please refer to the notices here.)

Our parish council meets in the Astrop Room on the first floor of the Millennium Memorial Hall on the first Thursday of each month and holds an annual general meeting in the main hall, usually in April. Committees and working groups set up by the council to address different needs meet either regularly or on an ad hoc basis. Members of the public who would like to address the council (or who are just curious to observe local democracy in action) are very welcome to attend most meetings.

As a councillor you can become a voice for your community and affect real change. Councillors directly engage with the most local part of our democratic system and are closest to the village’s residents. By standing for your parish council you could make a real difference to your local neighbourhood.

To be eligible for membership of the council, candidates must be 18 years or older and live in the area. To find out more, please contact the Parish Clerk using any of the details provided in the King’s Sutton Parish Council entry in the Quick Contacts section of this website.

Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator Vacancy
Due to Councillor Geoffrey Searle's assumption of the parish council chairmanship, he is no longer able to continue as local Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator.

Fortunately, King’s Sutton experiences relatively low levels of crime and our village Neighbourhood Watch scheme was set up with the intention of keeping it that way. The Neighbourhood Watch group holds regular meetings with local crime prevention officers and organises events with specialist speakers. The group works closely with the local police to tackle those crimes that most affect our neighbourhood. The more people who are active and committed to the group, the more effective it can be.

If you are interested in coordinating the Neighbourhood Watch scheme in King’s Sutton, please contact Geoffrey Searle using the email link in his entry in the Quick Contacts section of this website. .

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