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King’s Sutton Residents Can Help Catch Speeding Drivers

July 20th, 2012

Sign up now to learn how to use handheld laser devices supplied by the police 

Speed WatchWhenever Northamptonshire Police canvas local opinion, speeding is always among King’s Sutton residents’ top concerns. Every road into the village features clear 30 mph signs that leave motorists in no doubt as to the speed limit. Yet many of them still insist on driving too fast down our streets.

In September, however, King’s Sutton residents will again get the opportunity to use police technology to catch any car breaking the speed limit. After an absence of over a year, the Safer Roads Team at Northamptonshire Police is reintroducing Community Speed Watch. The revived scheme enables local people to use handheld UltraLyte laser devices to record the speed of motorists who drive too fast. Owners of the offending vehicles are then sent warning letters. 

Since many of the cars and vans involved are actually owned by the drivers’ unhappy employers or parents, such letters usually have a salutary effect on attitudes to speeding. Repeat offenders also leave themselves open to endorsable fixed penalty notices. 

Community Speed Watch relies on village residents sparing a little time to learn how to use the UltraLyte speed measuring device and then apply that training to catch lawbreakers in the act. The next training session is being held at Croughton Village Hall on Tuesday September 4, 10:00-12.30. Participants will then need to be available for an hour or two during the following weeks: 

  • September 12-19 in Banbury Lane, King’s Sutton 
  • September 26-October 3 in Astrop Road, King’s Sutton 

Anyone wishing to join those people who have already signed up for Community Speed Watch should contact King’s Sutton co-ordinator Geoffrey Searle as soon as possible on 01295 810757 or email him using the link on our Quick Contacts page here

More information on the new Community Speed Watch scheme is available from Sergeant Jon Hodgson at Northamptonshire Police on 03000 111222, extension 5471. (Sergeant Hodgson can also be contacted by email using the link on our Quick Contacts page here.) 

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