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Police and IAM Help Motorists Overcome Motorway Driving Fears

September 14th, 2012

M1 MotorwayWhile statistics show motorways are the safest roads in the country, many drivers still avoid them or get anxious when using them. Now, Northampton Advanced Motorists is aiming to help people overcome such worries with a free of charge “Better Motorway Driving” event organised in partnership with Northamptonshire Police’s Driver Training Unit. The event will be held on Sunday September 30, 2012 at Police Headquarters, Wootton Hall, Mereway Northampton NN4 0JQ

Event participants can book a drive in a police car with an officer who will talk them through the best way to deal with all aspects of motorway driving. They can then drive the same route in their own car with an advanced motoring observer giving guidance and feedback. 

“Last year’s Better Motorway Driving event was a great success, with fantastic feedback from those attending,” says Dee German from Northampton Advanced Motorists. “This year’s event provides another great opportunity for people to learn about advanced driving in general and motorway driving in particular.” 

The Better Motorway Driving event is free to residents of Northamptonshire. To book a slot between 10.00 and 14:00 on Sunday September 30, call Ian Phillips on 07967 651820. Click here for further details. 

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