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Planning Applications for 43 New Dwellings in King’s Sutton

November 20th, 2012

Barwell1South Northant’s Council’s planning department has received applications for two separate developments that together could add a further 43 dwellings to the 40 in Banbury Lane that have already received the go-ahead. 

Land north of Hampton Drive, King’s Sutton
Northampton-based developer Barwood Homes is seeking detailed planning permission for a development of 35 houses on land to the north of Hampton Drive. The company is proposing a mix of dwelling types of between two and five bedrooms, 14 of which will be “affordable” houses made available to rent. The only access to the site will be via Hampton Drive. 

Barwood claims its proposed development would “realise a number of important... benefits for the local community and the environment...” These include:

Delivery of a Permanent Flood Attenuation Scheme – The company says its proposed flood attenuation works would provide a higher capacity than those for which the parish council and the Flood Alleviation Group have already gained consent, “thereby further reducing the risk of flooding in the village.” Barwood also claims the development would make it possible to deliver a permanent flood attenuation scheme (as opposed to the 25-year lifespan of the current scheme, which it says requires “some of the land to be returned to operational farmland after that period”).

Barwell2Provision of Public Open Space and Improvements to Play Facilities – More than one hectare of the 3.7-hectare site would be dedicated to providing publicly accessible open space according to the Barwood proposal. This would be “managed” space for the benefit of the local community, providing “recreational and community activities.” It would also, Barwood says, provide an opportunity for “enhanced biodiversity and nature conservation.” The development “could” also support improvements to existing children's play facilities within King’s Sutton, Barwood says. 

Improvements to the Foul Sewerage System – The capacity of the existing Thames Water pumping station that serves King’s Sutton was a main concern raised during its consultation with local residents, Barwood says. The company subsequently commissioned Thames Water to undertake an impact assessment of the existing network. This, according to Barwood, ”identified an opportunity to upgrade the existing network in a manner which would serve the proposed development and would provide betterment over existing conditions for King’s Sutton village.” The company says that should planning permission be granted, it would commit to making any financial contribution towards the funding of these off-site works before occupation of the first proposed dwelling. 

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Land to the rear of 40-48 Richmond Street, King’s Sutton
This Application from Isle of Man-based Belgravia Land, is for eight detached houses, sited on a new, purpose-built service road leading from Richmond Street that will provide both vehicular and pedestrian access. (This has apparently already been agreed with the county highways department prior to the application being made.)

Richmond-StreetAccessed through currently derelict land lying between numbers 42 and 48 Richmond Street, the development site represents an infill area between established residential properties, partially wrapping behind numbers 40, 42 and 48. Acquisition of portions of the site behind these premises has been agreed between the developer and the owners. The site extends to the south to the formal boundary with the Rec and the developer envisages that there may be further “backland opportunities” that could see the development ultimately stretching as far as the Knob. 

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