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Flooding, Sewage and Sand Bags (Part 2)

November 22nd, 2012

FloodIn the expectation of more heavy rainfall later today, several King’s Sutton householders have already collected sand bags from Liz Al-Anazi’s garden at Brookfield House, 26 Wales Street. Mrs Al-Anazi’s stock of sand has therefore almost run out. However, she is expecting a further delivery this afternoon. Please call her on 07801 541962 later today to check current availability.

If you do need to collect sand bags, Mrs Al-Anazi recommends that you bring scissors suitable to cut plastic sheeting, which is also available at Brookfield. The sheeting should be placed between the sand bags and the door to reduce further the chance of water seeping into your house. 

Road Flooding Likely at Twyford Mill
Residents planning to use Banbury Lane to drive to/from Twyford this afternoon are advised to take extra care due to the river having burst its banks in the area of Twyford Mill. More rain will inevitably lead to the road becoming severely flooded if the rain forecast for later this afternoon materialises. Mill Lane will probably provide a safer route. 

Sewage Overspill
It has been reported that the Thames Water pumping station in Banbury Lane failed for the umpteenth time yesterday, which has resulted in raw sewage spilling yet again into the road and householders’ gardens in Wales Street. It is vitally important that everyone affected by the sewage overspill should register a complaint with Thames Water every time this happens. Only by logging each and every occurrence will the parish council be able to build up an evidence base that will force Thames Water to take action. 

Click here for advice on how to log your complaint with Thames Water or call the company’s 24-hour call centre on 0845 920 0800. 

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