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Concessionary Bus Pass Renewals

December 29th, 2012

All concessionary bus passes issued when the current scheme was introduced in April 2008 are due to expire at the end of March 2013. To help make the renewal process run as smoothly as possible, Northamptonshire County Council started re-issuing passes on a phased basis in November 2012. 

King’s Sutton residents who need to renew their pass can do so at the Mobile Library on its regular visits to the Millennium Memorial Hall between between 12:30 and 14:15 on the first Friday of every month. The village’s next Mobile Library visit is on Friday, January 4.

Please note that if you have changed address since applying for your original bus pass, you will need to bring with you some proof of your current address such as a recent utility bill.

Please renew your bus pass at the Mobile Library during the appropriate month as listed below. 

Surnames beginning A - E November 2012
Surnames beginning F - J December 2012
Surnames beginning K - O January 2013
Surnames beginning P - T February 2013
Surnames beginning U - Z March 2013

By visiting the mobile library in the designated month, you’ll be helping to ensure renewals can be processed without any unnecessary delay. If you have missed the designated month for your renewal, don’t worry... Just go to the Mobile Library on its next visit. 

Applying for a Bus Pass For the First Time
Information on new concessionary bus pass applications is available from the Public Transport (Buses) page of this site. Click here to view that page.

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