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District Council’s Planning Officer Recommends Refusal For Barwood Homes Development

January 16th, 2013

The case officer at South Northamptonshire Council’s planning department who has been considering a controversial application for 35 more new houses in King’s Sutton has recommended refusal on the following grounds: 

  • The proposed development would not accord with the relevant local policies, which seek to concentrate future developments primarily in Brackley and Towcester, strictly controlling development elsewhere to provide sustainable growth and to protect the intrinsic character of the countryside and rural areas.
  • The geometric shape of the highway, use of cul-de-sacs, distribution of terraced and detached houses and the location and visual impact of plot 35 would result in a poor quality layout that would harm the visual amenities of the street scene and fail to respect the historic character of the village.
  • The form, appearance and scale of the detached dwellings would result in a suburban character that fails to respect the form, appearance and scale of King’s Sutton’s vernacular architecture. The proposal would therefore fail to result in a locally distinctive development.
  • Due to the deep plan depths of dwellings on plots 16-23, the proposal would result in poorly proportioned dwellings with overly large roof constructions that again fail to respect the form and scale of local vernacular architecture.
  • The proposed development includes a significant number of large detached dwellings with generous gardens resulting in a low density of development for which there is no proper justification within the Design and Access Statement. The proposal would therefore fail to make the most efficient use of the land. 
  • The council cannot be satisfied that the development proposal would make sufficient provision for (or improvement of): education infrastructure (in particular, sustainable primary school and secondary school education facilities for the village); affordable housing; transport (including improvements and modifications to existing bus shelters); community and strategic facilities (including play-space and public open space maintenance); library infrastructure; contribution towards refuse/recycling bins and fire and rescue provision; and payment of the council’s legal agreement monitoring costs.

Click here to view/download the case officer’s full report on the proposed development.

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