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Plans Finalised For New Play Equipment on the Rec

January 19th, 2013

Play EquipmentMany King’s Sutton residents have been involved in fund-raising activities over the past two years to buy new play equipment for the Recreation Ground. Organised by a team of local parents and parish council members, the Play Equipment Project has now finalised plans for the new equipment, which will comprise a range of timber structures similar to those located at the Steeple Aston Play Park.

After an exhibition of the project plans held at the Millennium Memorial Hall in August last year, a small number of residents of streets in the immediate area came forward to express their concerns about the siting of the new equipment. The project team’s final plan for the layout (see below) addresses these concerns and work on building and installing the equipment is now set to start early this year.

The team will also be restarting fundraising efforts soon and applying for grants that will enable the completion of the project. The plan immediately below shows the final layout of the equipment. There is also a slide presentation below this plan, which shows artist’s impressions of how the new equipment might look. (Please note that the positioning of the equipment shown in the slides has been superseded by the final layout.) 

 Play Equipment Plan

To view the presentation below, simply click on the “Play” button. 

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