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Superfast Broadband Survey is Closed

March 1st, 2013

We have now closed the Superfast Broadband survey we conducted throughout February to support our bid for BDUK funding. The survey attracted 430 individual responses from people living in 337 different households in and around King’s Sutton. Everyone who responded said that they would upgrade to Superfast Broadband if they could. We’re confident that this positive response from King’s Sutton will be enough to convince BT and BDUK that there is sufficient demand for Superfast Broadband in the village to proceed with our bid. A big thank you to everyone who participated!

The table below shows the number of households in the parish of King’s Sutton who said “Yes!” to Superfast Broadband (broken down by street or area): 

Street/Area Households That Want Superfast Broadband
Arundel Close 13
Astrop Road/Astrop Gardens 36
Balmoral Way 4
Banbury Lane/Barton Close 28
Blenheim Rise 17
Bulls Lane 9
Dairy Ground/Dobbins Close/Cherwell Banks 31
Glebe Rise/St Rumbolds Drive 34
Hampton Drive 8
Kensington Close 4
Marlborough Close 3
Mill Lane/Holland Rise 6
Newlands 17
Orchard Way 10
Paradise 2
Red Lion Street/Church Avenue 10
Richmond Street 25
Sandringham Road 4
The Knob 4
The Square 5
The Willows 5
Upper Astrop Road 10
Wales Street/Waverley Close 23
Whittall Street 13
Windsor Close 6
Outside Village but Within Surveyed Parishes 10
Total  337
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