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Blue Recycling Bins on the Way

May 23rd, 2013

Recycle SchemeSouth Northants Council begins the roll-out of its new recycling scheme next month in the Brackley area. The scheme will reach King’s Sutton a little later in the summer. The main changes to be introduced with the new scheme are:

  • Food waste, Tetrapak cartons and batteries will be added to the list of recyclables. 
  • The two boxes currently used for recycling card, paper, glass, plastics and metals will be replaced with a single blue wheely bin that will be collected weekly. (You can either keep the boxes for your own use or return them to SNC,)
  • The current black and green wheely bins (for general waste and garden waste resepctively) will continue to be collected on alternate weeks. 
  • Special silver-coloured caddies will be provided for food waste recycling. (A small caddy to keep indoors and a large lockable one to keep outdoors), Food waste will be collected weekly. 

Click here for comprehensive information about the new recycling scheme. 

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