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Progress Report on King’s Sutton Flood Alleviation Schemes

June 4th, 2013

Hannah Reed, the company charged with project managing both King’s Sutton Flood Alleviation Schemes, filed this progress report with the parish council last week:

Windsor Close/Barton Terrace
Except for the work to re-profile the field between Banbury Lane and Windsor Close this scheme was completed during week commencing May 20. The paddock between Banbury Lane and the Black Brook was handed back to Cherwell Valley Silos on May 23.

The re-profiling of the field to divert flood flows away from Windsor Close and towards the new channel is programmed to commence on June 5. A delay has been caused by the temporary non-availability of the contractor’s earth-moving machinery whilst it is being used to complete another project. Including the formation of the wetland area this final part of the project is programmed to be completed by June 21.

Wales Street
The detailed design of this scheme is proceeding. The ground investigation to establish the physical consistency of the subsoil has been undertaken. From this the designers will be able to specify what treatment the arisings will need to be able to form a watertight bund.

A detailed topographical survey is also needed to complete the design and is programmed to be carried out on June 6-7. Immediately the survey is done and the precise extent and location of the bund is known drawings will be prepared to form the basis of the detailed planning application that has to be submitted. 

The application, which has to be supported by various environmental statements, is under preparation and is programmed to be submitted in early August when all the supporting statements are to hand. The determination period for an application such as this is eight weeks.

Pre-application discussions have taken place with officers of the Local Planning Authority over the last couple of years. No problems of principle are expected subject to all the supporting documentation being in order. The tender/contract preparation process will proceed in parallel with the application so that tenders are ready to be invited when the application is determined. 

The current target dates for the next stages of the Wales Street project are:
07/06/2013  Completion of technical information through surveys 
01/07/2013  Completion of detailed design  
05/08/2013  Planning Application submitted 
30/09/2013  Completion of Tender documents 
07/10/2013  Planning Application to have been determined

After completion of the tender documents and determination of the planning application, whichever is the later, tenders will be invited. There will then be a period of about eight weeks whilst tenders are returned, a contractor is selected and the selected contractor prepares for a start on site.

The programme, as set out above, would mean that the bulk of the construction would take place over next winter, which is not considered ideal in terms of the contractor’s ability to carry out the work efficiently and economically. Hannah Reed is currently negotiating with the Environment Agency, which is providing most of the scheme finance, when exactly its funding will be available. Hannah Reed is also discussing with the agency whether it would be more expedient to delay the construction phase until early 2014  (perhaps commencing in March).

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