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Apparently, There's an Election Coming Up...

March 10th, 2015

Lucy Mills

The Labour Party’s Lucy Mills is the first prospective parliamentary candidate of the current campaign to doorstep the voters of King’s Sutton. Silverstone resident Ms Mills and her team were out and about over the weekend in Glebe Rise and Dairy Ground, where they say they received a warm welcome.

Local party member Michael Bailey, who lives in King’s Sutton, says:

“Many residents commented that they were pleased to have a prospective parliamentary candidate on their doorstep for the first time in living memory. Responses varied but the majority of people we spoke with had an active interest in politics, both local and national. Lucy intends to return to canvassing in King’s Sutton in April.

“We are also hoping to set up a hustings so the Conservative MP and the UKIP, Lib Dem and Labour candidates can present their case to the people. I spoke to the Greens as well and have been informed that they’re in the process of choosing a candidate. So if people are interested, it should be a lively and productive evening.”

Anyone wishing to put questions directly to Ms Mills can get in touch with her using the details in the parish council website’s Quick Contacts directory here

Our picture shows Labour’s canvassing team in King’s Sutton on Saturday: (L-R) Gopal Sangarapillai, Stephen Mills, Lucy Mills, Michael Bailey and John Conneely.

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