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Dog Muck Creating a Stink in King’s Sutton Again

June 29th, 2015

Lazy, irresponsible and anti-social dog owners continue to allow their pets to foul footpaths and open spaces in King’s Sutton despite the ample provision of disposal bins. Not even the Rec – which attracts dozens of young children every day of the week in the summers months – is safe from these morons. In one recent incident, local mother Zoe Lewis’s daughter was playing football with friends near the new Playpark when she fell in dog muck that went all over her legs, hands and shoes.

“I hope the dirty, lazy people who let their dogs do that feel really proud of themselves,” says Zoe. “My daughter was extremely upset and rightly so. As a dog owner myself, I completely understand why people would want to walk their dogs on the Rec but it’s just awful that some thoughtless idiots could be so irresponsible as to leave their mess lying around when they know full well that children play there! Should we really have to check every part of the Rec before our children can play safely?”

We Can All Help Deal With This Issue
In the light of such incidents, King’s Sutton residents are increasingly calling for action to be taken against dog owners whose disgusting and dangerous behaviour endangers our children. In the past, the difficulty of gathering evidence has made it almost impossible to identify the culprits. However, in an age of near universal smartphone ownership, virtually all of us have a camera close at hand at all times. We would therefore urge anyone who sees a dog owner failing to clean up after their animal to take a discreet photograph of the culprit (or culprits) and email it to If the same people turn up in these photographs more than twice, we will send this evidence to Northamptonshire Police and ask them to prosecute. (We will ensure complete confidentiality throughout to maintain anonymity for those sending us photographs.)

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