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County Council Elections: Rebecca Breese Holds Middleton Cheney Division for the Conservatives

May 7th, 2017

Just over 39% of our Middleton Cheney division’s 8,754 registered voters turned out for last Thursday’s county council elections. Two thirds of them opted for Conservative candidate Rebecca Breese, increasing the Tory share of the division’s vote by over 23% since the 2013 election. The full results were as follows:

  • Mark Allen, Liberal Democrat: 513 votes
  • Rebecca Breese, Conservative: 2258 votes
  • Richard Solesbury-Timms, Labour: 647 votes
  • Spoilt: 10

The Conservatives have increased their control of Northamptonshire County Council as a result of the elections, now holding 43 of its 57 seats (up from 36 in 2013). Labour gained one councillor, taking its total number of seats on the council to 12, while the number of Lib Dem seats fell from six to two. All three former UKIP seats were Tory gains. Total turnout in the county was 33.7%.

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