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New book celebrates amazing life of motorcycle champion, “Idle Woman” and King’s Sutton pub landlady

July 25th, 2017

She was an astronomer, an “Idle Woman”, a student in post-war Paris, a motorcycle racing champion, a Mastermind contestant, a much-loved (and respected) pub landlady, an energetic parish councillor, sometimes a very wicked humourist, and a good friend to many, many people in King’s Sutton and beyond. Now Olga Kevelos, who ran the Three Tuns pub in the village with her brother Ray for some 26 years, is the subject of a new biography by Scots author and motorcycle enthusiast Colin Turbett.

Titled “Playing With The Boys – Olga Kevelos”, Mr Turbett’s book traces his subject’s life from its beginnings in the family home in Edgbaston, Birmingham, through her unusual wartime service with a small group of women volunteers on the canals, her motorcycle years, and finally, her time as a pub landlady and quiz expert. Along the way, the reader will learn about her vivacious personality and those who most closely shared her life. In order to provide context, a chapter covers the place of women in motorcycle sport in the pre- and post-war years. An appendix gives brief detail on some of the motorcycles with which Olga was most closely associated.

This A4-sized, 160-page book features over 250 illustrations, several of which have never been published before – many of them in colour. Copies cost £20.00 plus £4.00 UK postage and packaging, and are available directly from the author at the email link below.

For those who aren’t familiar with her story, more details about Olga’s exceptional life, as well as links to her BBC Radio 4, and Daily Telegraph and Independent newspaper obituaries, can be found here.

Click here to contact Colin Turbett by email.

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