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Parish Council proposes reducing number of councillors but still has vacancies

October 31st, 2017

Earlier this year, King’s Sutton parish councillors decided to seek a reduction in their numbers from 15 to 11. South Northamptonshire Council officers are currently carrying out a Community Governance Review to consider the proposal and are recommending that district councillors ratify it. Village residents now have the opportunity to tell South Northamptonshire Council what they think of this recommendation. (Details below.) Despite the proposed reduction in the number of King’s Sutton parish councillors, however, the village will still be short of two people and applications for membership of the council are invited from anyone who:

  • Is at least 18 years of age
  • Is a British subject or Irish citizen
  • Is either listed in the electoral roll for the parish or has lived in, worked in or resided within three miles of the parish for at least 12 months
  • Is willing and able to devote some time and effort to serving the local community
  • Possesses skills, expertise or knowledge that would benefit the community

Parish council meetings, which are open to the public, are held in the Oman Room next to the parish church at 19:30 on the first Thursday of every month . Anyone interested in taking up a seat on the council is welcome to attend to see for him/herself how the council operates. (The next meeting is this Thursday evening, November 2, 2017.)

For further information, please call the parish clerk on 01295 816905 (or use the link at the foot of this page to send her an email).

South Northamptonshire Council Community Governance Review 2017 – Possible changes to King’s Sutton Parish Council

South Northamptonshire Council is carrying out a Community Governance Review. This is the process that allows the Council to make changes to parishes, such as parish boundaries, numbers of parish councillors, and the names of parish councils.

King’s Sutton Parish Council contacted South Northamptonshire Council to request a reduction in the number of parish councillors, from 15 to 11. The justification for the request was that since the last scheduled election in 2015, the parish council has operated with 11 parish councillors. They have struggled to co-opt to the remaining four seats, but have been able to operate efficiently with only 11 councillors.

Guidance from the National Association of Local Councils suggests that a parish the size of King’s Sutton – 1,706 as at December 1, 2016 – should have a minimum of nine parish councillors. The recommendation is that the number of parish councillors should therefore be reduced by four, from 15 to 11. This change would take effect from the next scheduled election in May 2019.

What happens now?

King’s Sutton residents now have the opportunity to tell South Northamptonshire Council what they think of these recommendations. To do so, please complete and submit the short survey accessed via this page of the council’s website by Friday December 8, 2017. Responses will be considered by the working group of district councillors, who will make a final set of recommendations to be presented to the meeting of full council on Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

Click here to contact the Parish Clerk by email.

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