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King’s Sutton needs Flood Wardens. Could you be one of them?

December 2nd, 2017

The Pathfinder II Flooding Resilience Project run by Northamptonshire County Council aims to assist community-led improvements in resilience and preparedness for communities who are at risk of surface water flooding. King’s Sutton Parish Council has successfully applied to be part of the project, so the village can benefit from a flood survey undertaken by civil engineers, training for flood wardens, and support in developing community action plans and longer term solutions.

Pathfinder II will also help us increase our preparedness for all emergency situations such as extreme weather and power cuts. Community events will be organised to keep residents up to date with the project and to discuss the findings from the survey. In return, the parish council needs to identify residents prepared to act as flood wardens and assist the council in organising and promoting those events.

Anyone interested in taking on the role of Flood Warden for King's Sutton is invited to contact the Parish Clerk, using the email link below. Click here for more information on the Pathfinder II project.

Click here to contact the Parish Clerk by email.

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