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Developer loses appeal to build 14 more homes in village

March 1st, 2018

A house builder has lost its appeal against South Northamptonshire Council’s decision last summer to refuse planning permission for an “unnecessary, undesirable and unsustainable” 14-home development on land to the west of Halestrap Way in King’s Sutton. The Planning Inspector, Amanda Blicq, announced her decision yesterday (February 28, 2018) after visiting the site of the proposed development in January.

Ms Blicq arrived at her decision after deliberating on whether the appeal site would be an appropriate location for residential development with regard to the policies of SNC’s development plan, the National Planning Policy Framework, and the following site-specific considerations:

  • The effect of the development on the character and appearance of the Special Landscape Area 
  • The effect of the development on flood risk in the area
  • Whether the development would accord with local policies in respect of affordable housing
  • Whether the development would have an adverse effect on local infrastructure

The Planning Inspectorate cannot change or revoke the outcome of Ms Blicq’s decision, so if the developer wishes to challenge that decision, it will have to apply to the High Court.

Click here to view the Planning Inspector’s full report on the appeal.

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