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Scammer in the village?

March 5th, 2018

There have been several reported sightings in King’s Sutton today of the woman in this picture. This woman is claiming to be selling paintings on behalf of the deaf from door to door, and to be deaf herself. However, several householders who’ve spoken to her say that her deafness seems to be somewhat selective. One minute she can’t hear, the next minute she can. And she shows her identity card far too quickly for anyone to read it.

We’ve no way of knowing whether she’s legitimate or is just another variant of the “Nottingham Knocker”, so please exercise caution if she comes to your door. She’s described as wearing faded jeans, a hip-length, dark-green hooded jacket, tied-back hair with a dyed pink tinge to it, and is carrying a shoulder bag and portfolio case. If you’re at all suspicious, use the Police non-emergency number, 101, to report your concerns. 

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