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Overflowing dog waste bins no longer raising a stink in King’s Sutton

April 6th, 2018

Over the years, a tiny minority of King’s Sutton’s dog owners have deservedly been getting flak from other residents for failing to deal properly with their pets’ mess. However, it’s fair so say that it hasn’t been easy for the village’s more responsible dog walkers to do the right thing in recent months. Dog waste bins like the one in Paradise pictured above have often been full to overflowing and causing a health hazard. This situation has developed because the contractor hired by the Parish Council to deal with litter and dog waste had to retire recently through ill health and the person he appointed to replace him has been somewhat less than reliable.

Last night (Thursday), the Parish Council agreed to appoint a new contractor, Marcus Young Landscapes Ltd, to provide waste disposal services in King’s Sutton. Marcus this morning agreed to empty the village’s dog waste bins as soon as possible, if not today, but as our “today” picture above shows, the council’s previous contractor beat him to it to deal with the offending bin at Paradise himself. Nevertheless, hereafter, Marcus will arrange for the bins to be emptied on either a Thursday or Friday every week. He will also be collecting the village’s litter from next week, again on either a Thursday or Friday.

The Parish Council is grateful to those residents who brought this matter to their attention. (Hat tip to Eileen Baker Nash for providing this photographic evidence of the problem and the solution.)

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