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UPDATE: The 499 Bus Service

July 4th, 2018

Several local parish councils whose residents would be affected by the probable demise of the 499 bus service are considering how best to deal with the situation. There is a move afoot, for example, to pool resources to run a proposed replacement service. This will be discussed at tomorrow night’s meeting of King’s Sutton Parish Council: Thursday July 5, 19:30 at the Oman (Church) Room. As ever, members of the public are invited to attend and express their views.

The council will be considering a proposal that it should become an integral member of a consortium of local organisations hoping to set up and manage an entity that would apply for funding to run a bus service that could act, to a certain degree, as a replacement for public transport services lost with the ending of the 499 route (set for July 21, 2018).

In addition, Aynho Parish Council is hosting a meeting on Saturday morning – July 7, 10:30-11:30 – at Aynho Village Hall to enable users of the 499 service, volunteers and residents of villages affected by the service’s prospective closure to arrange mutually acceptable travel arrangements, for example: car sharing, car pooling, taxi sharing, etc. Click here for more details on the Aynho website. 

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