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Parish Council opposes pointless, undemocratic proposal for two unitary authorities in Northants

July 16th, 2018

Council urges local residents to make their own views known as well...

Public consultation on the proposed reorganisation of local government in Northamptonshire closes next Sunday, July 22, 2018. (Click here for details of that proposal and see “make your own voice heard” below to see how you can participate in the consultation process.)

Implementation of the proposal as it stands would see the eight existing local authorities across the county replaced with just two unitary councils. King’s Sutton Parish Council says it strongly disagrees with this proposal because it would: 

  • Fail to achieve the objectives set for it
  • Reduce rather than increase democratic control
  • Distance King’s Sutton further from those making decisions relevant to our community
  • Be the opposite of localism
  • Mix urban and rural priorities in an unacceptable way
  • Cost £22 million to implement but yield savings of only £12 million

The parish council also questions the government’s requirement for unitary authorities to have a minimum of 300,000 inhabitants since most of the existing 55 such authorities have lower populations. (Only 11 existing unitary authorities have populations in excess of 300,000.) 

King’s Sutton Parish Council's preferred option would be for three unitary authorities as follows:

  1. Northampton
  2. Daventry and South Northants
  3. Kettering, Corby, Wellingborough and East Northants

Three unitary authorities for Northamptonshire would in the parish council’s opinion:

  • Keep inhabitants in a rural environment such as ours served, for local issues, by a rural based council
  • Be more effective from a democratic point of view
  • Still allow other savings to be made with a lower initial outlay

This 3-authority route was also the preferred option arrived at by the independent Deloitte enquiry and, in that enquiry, it scored highest overall and individually high for:

  • Community geography
  • The good fiscal and performance profile of constituent parties
  • Comprehensiveness of proposals including their coherence with other neighbouring plans
  • Economic geographies
  • Key service challenges
  • Track record of joint and collaborative working
  • The cultural alignment between constituent authorities
  • Opportunities for real transformation and deep integration of services
  • Effective, locally accountable leadership.

Make your own voice heard! 

No decision has yet been taken so it is vitally important that the village’s residents make their own views known. Please take part in the consultation as soon as you can, and in any case by July 22, 2018 at the latest. Click here to complete and submit the online survey. Hard copies of the consultation document and questionnaire are also available from the large hall of the King’s Sutton Millennium Memorial Hall. 

An independent research company (ORS) has been appointed to manage the questionnaire responses and other consultation feedback. Any information provided to ORS (via the questionnaire and/or by any submissions) will be processed in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act and the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Personal information will be kept for no more than one year after any decisions have been finalised. Click here for further information. No members of the public will be identified in any ORS consultation reports, but where feedback is submitted by a representative on behalf of an organisation, or by an elected representative or someone acting in their official capacity, this may be attributed.

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