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Flood risk walkabout on September 17

August 31st, 2018

Local residents have the opportunity to join a group walkabout of areas within the King’s Sutton surface water catchment area with a civil engineer at 10:00 on Monday September 17, 2018. (This is a follow up to the catchment walk undertaken earlier this year by civil engineers to inspect and report on the main drainage and flood related assets within the village.) The walk starts at the Millennium Memorial Hall and will last between one and two hours. 

The September walk is likely to focus on a few specific areas of interest where further investigation, maintenance or improvement works could be beneficial to either reduce flood risk or improve understanding of existing assets. If you are interested in joining the group walk to share your local knowledge or concerns with the civil engineer producing the report, please contact the parish clerk by Monday September 10 on 01295 816905 or use the link below to email her.

Click here to contact the parish clerk by email.

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