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Flood Resilience Project in King’s Sutton – Update meeting at the Millennium Memorial Hall

October 5th, 2018

King’s Sutton Parish Council is participating in the Pathfinder II Flood Resilience Project run by Northamptonshire County Council. The project aims to facilitate community-led improvements in flood resilience and preparedness.

A visual survey of the surface water catchment around King’s Sutton was conducted last month under the auspices of the Pathfinder II project. Village residents are invited to join project representatives at a follow-up meeting in November. (The civil engineering consultants who carried out the King’s Sutton flood risk and mitigation investigation will also be on hand to answer residents’ questions.) This open meeting will enable residents to:

  • Hear about the findings of September’s visual survey
  • Learn about the review of existing flood mapping and datasets
  • Learn about the identification of areas for further investigation, maintenance or improvement works to reduce flood risk
  • Find out more about Pathfinder II

Where: King’s Sutton Millennium Memorial Hall

When: 19:45-20:45 on Thursday November 22, 2018

Click here for further information on Pathfinder II

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