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New thermal pothole repair machines will be more environmentally friendly and cost effective

March 3rd, 2020

Plans to invest in two new thermal road patching machines and a Roadmaster jet patching machine are set to be discussed at Northamptonshire County Council’s cabinet meeting next week (March 10). The new thermal road patching machines can fix potholes three times faster than conventional methods, and they’re more environmentally friendly and cost effective too. Using these innovative machines means future repairs will cost just £35 per square metre compared to £90 per square metre using current methods.

Thermal heaters work by melting the existing poor road surface and producing a permanent, heat-sealed, seamless repair that re-establishes the original quality of the road. Each 2 x 1 metre patch takes around 8-12 minutes to complete and requires only a minimum amount of new material, resulting in almost zero waste. Patches can also be joined together to repair larger areas of failed surfacing.

The new technology is designed to reduce carbon emissions, minimise disruption to the public and traffic, and enable faster repairs – up to 100 potholes a day compared to 40 using traditional road repair methods. The machines have already been trialled in Wellingborough and are scheduled to begin work in other areas of the county this month. 

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