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Chenderit student and King’s Sutton resident Dora Rose wins praise from leading arts writer

June 11th, 2020

Writing in her weekly blog for, arts writer and critic Florence Hallett, who contributes to Apollo, The Independent and The New European amongst others, has singled out the online work of young King’s Sutton resident Dora Rose for special praise.

In her piece this week, Ms Hallett writes:

“So many young people have had their lives turned upside down by the virus... and one young student, who has like so many found herself caught in a limbo between (untaken) A-levels and university, has started a wide-ranging, and hugely enjoyable arts blog... Clearly begun for its author’s own self-development, the blog manages to be both personal and entirely outward looking, covering topics that range from 5 Ways to Continue Learning During Isolation – apparently the Open University are running free courses at the moment – to African American Artists You Should Know About. It’s thoughtful and well-written and worth a visit, whatever your age.”

Dora’s blog can be viewed here

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