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Census 2021

February 2nd, 2021

Census FAQ Image

The next Census will take place on March 21. It’s important to fill in our census questionnaires because it gives all of us the most detailed information we have about our society. The data collected helps inform funding decisions on public services in our area –whether it’s planning new schools, doctors’ surgeries or bike lanes. The information you share in the census form has an impact on the lives of everyone living in England and Wales.

We’ll soon see advertisements on the TV and in newspapers, and towards the end of February a postcard will be delivered to our homes to remind us that the Census is happening. At the beginning of March, we’ll receive an information pack in the post which will tell us all we need to know about completing the Census form. We only need to complete one form per household.

The form can be completed online, but if you’d prefer to fill in a paper form instead, the information pack will say to ask for one. If you need help, lots is available and full details will be in the information pack. You can also ask a family member or someone you trust to complete it on your behalf. You can start to complete the form as soon as you get it, but you should complete it no later than March 21.

Click here to find out more from the Census 2021 website.

A FAQ with more information is available to view, download and/or print here.