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New ANPR camera to be sited in the King’s Sutton area

March 3rd, 2021

Northamptonshire Police have confirmed that the King’s Sutton area will be benefitting from one of the 150 new ANPR cameras being installed across the county to help the force track anti-social drivers and other criminals. The new cameras will increase coverage across rural areas and major towns as well as on the county borders, part of a wider strategy to strengthen the response to crime, support road safety and deny criminals the use of the roads.

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) reads the registration of passing vehicles and checks them across several databases, raising the alert if a vehicle is stolen or linked to crime. The new camera sites have been chosen following analysis of where they will most effectively support the investigation of crime and were subject to a public consultation before being approved. 

Data and information collected by ANPR cameras is only used in the prevention and detection of crime and in some cases, to safeguard vulnerable adults. 

The new camera sites are:

  • On the county's major, strategic routes and at the county borders
  • In rural communities and on strategic routes in rural areas, increasing the presence in rural communities
  • In the county's major towns, including some that currently have no fixed ANPR cameras

The expanded camera network is part of a wider strategy to strengthen crime fighting and links several initiatives, including “rapid response” Interceptor cars. 

The cameras will also be used to support police activity to tackle antisocial driving and identify uninsured vehicles – research shows that drivers who drive uninsured are more likely to be involved in serious road traffic collisions and be involved in other types of criminality.