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Chiltern Railways promises to reintroduce morning commuter service in December

July 8th, 2021

Passenger on the platform at Marylebone Station, London

The Parish Council recently wrote to Chiltern Railways to express councillors’ disappointment at the further reduction of morning commuter services to London, the company having axed the former 07:55 train to Bicester and London Marylebone. However, following correspondence with Chiltern, the council has been pleased to receive reassurance from a company spokesperson that the December 2021 timetable will introduce an equivalent service, albeit at a somewhat later time.

Customer service officer at Chiltern Railways’ managing director’s office, Martin Howard, said:

“Since the start of the pandemic passenger numbers have plummeted, originally down to around five percent of normal, and now back up to roughly 40% of normal. We are currently running just over 80% of the total number of train services that we used to, and every station now has a different train timetable to what was in place before March last year.

“The train that used to form the 07:55 from King’s Sutton no longer runs at all and there are currently no longer any plans for it to be reinstated, as the reason it was originally introduced – to reduce crowding on another service – no longer exists. We have been in separate correspondence with a resident of King’s Sutton regarding the same matter. Following receipt of that correspondence, our train planning team have looked into the matter.

“As a direct consequence, I am pleased to confirm that we will be reintroducing a call on a southbound train at King’s Sutton in the December 2021 timetable change, which will be at about 08:35. In the meantime, customers for whom the 06:36 departure is not convenient, are able to travel on any of the 07:09, 07:44 or 08:17 departures to Banbury, from where trains to London are available. Tickets from Kings Sutton to London are valid via Banbury.”

Photo by Chris Wade on Unsplash