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Rectory Homes seeks outline planning permission for a new housing development in King’s Sutton

August 1st, 2021

Map showing scale of proposed new housing development in King’s Sutton

Haddenham-based construction firm Rectory Homes has advised King’s Sutton Parish Council that it is in the early stages of preparing an outline planning application for the residential development of a site located off Hampton Drive and adjacent to Blenheim Rise. (Click here to view. download and/or print the preliminary framework representation of the proposed development.) The company’s plan is to build approximately 30 houses of which half would be “affordable” homes. (That’s in line with the requirement laid down by the South Northamptonshire Council Supplementary Planning Policy Document still in force.)

The site of the proposed development is outside the village confines. However, the company says:

The intention is to develop roughly half the site for housing with the remainder used for the creation of new open space, habitat creation and other ecological enhancements.

On July 21, Rectory Homes delivered a presentation to representatives of the parish council. At that presentation, councillors posed a number of questions, some of which were answered at that time.

Further information requested

The Council has asked for information to be provided in written form on various topics, including the following:

  • Justification for building in open countryside outside the agreed village confines and information on how the scheme would fit in with and enhance the surrounding natural environment.
  • Confirmation of how the open space included in the scheme would add to biodiversity.
  • Confirmation that PV panels, air source heat pumps, solar thermal panels for water, and EV charging points would be fitted as standard.
  • Number of houses of each bedroom size, split between market and affordable and within affordable, split between social rented and shared ownership.
  • Full explanation of how wastewater and storm water disposal would be managed and, in view of the flood problems in the area, confirmation that contact has been made with:
    1. The Environment Agency on the capacity of the existing flood alleviation scheme to cope with such a development.
    2. Thames Water on foul sewer capacity.
    3. The Highways Authority on storm water sewers capability.
  •  Copies of any reports (and Rectory’s comments) on the proposed scheme’s effect on:
    1. Traffic volume and car parking.
    2. School/pre-school/childcare provision o Local businesses.
    3. Superfast broadband capacity.
    4. The extent to which the proposals might enhance the provision of public transport to employment and commercial centres in the Banbury area.
  • Detailed plans for traffic management during any construction phase.
  • Estimated timetable for Rectory’s future key actions with regard to planning applications, submission of details and (assuming approval is gained) commencement of any other work.

Public drop-in exhibition

In addition, the parish council intends holding a public exhibition to display the proposal to village residents. This would be organised on a drop-in basis over a number of hours and would include presentation boards with representatives from Rectory Homes on hand to answer questions. Details will be announced in due course.

In the meantime, the parish council would welcome written comments on the proposals at this stage from village residents. These should be sent to:

Liz Hart. Clerk
King’s Sutton Parish Council
King’s Sutton Millennium Memorial Hall
Astrop Road
King’s Sutton
OX17 3PG

Alternatively, use the link below to send Ms Hart an email.

The planning process

Once Rectory’s outline application has been submitted to West Northamptonshire Council (WNC), the parish council will be consulted on the application in the normal way. This will be advertised on the agendas for the meetings of the planning committee and of the full council. These meetings are open to members of the public to attend. Agendas are posted on the website and on the village noticeboards.

It is at this point that the parish council will consider whether to object to or support the application. If the outline application is approved, Rectory will need to submit further detailed applications, at which point the parish council will be consulted again. Properties adjoining the proposed development will also receive notice of the application and residents may submit their comments directly to WNC, as may any interested party regardless of where they live. 

Click here to contact the parish clerk by email.