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Report on the Rectory Homes housing development exhibition

September 7th, 2021

Attendees at the drop-in exhibition held to showcase Rectory Homes’ proposed new housing development in King’s Sutton

Some 100 residents of King’s Sutton parish attended the drop-in exhibition held in late August to showcase Rectory Homes’ proposed new housing development on the outskirts of the village. On hand to hear their views were two representatives of Rectory Homes and a representative from Glanville, the developer’s flood risk and drainage consultant. Several parish councillors and the parish clerk were also present for the session.

Support for proposed “affordable” housing

Some of those who attended were broadly in favour of the outline proposal, citing support for the plan to make 15 affordable homes available. Those 15 dwellings would be split into different types of affordable housing as follows:

  • Four dwellings made available under the government’s new First Homes Scheme, which maintains their price at 70% of market value in perpetuity
  • Eight affordable rented homes
  • Three shared ownership homes


Other attendess (who appeared to be in the majority) voiced objections to the scheme. Concerns included:

  • Increased risk of flooding
  • Encroachment into the countryside
  • Traffic in and out of the site, both during the construction phase and in the longer term

The developer’s response

Rectory Homes confirmed that it is conducting a flood risk assessment on the proposed development in collaboration with West Northamptonshire Council and with Thames Water on the foul water drainage strategy “to find a way of dealing with this without aggravating the current drainage situation in the area”.

The company also says:

“Currently, Thames Water [is] assessing the impact of the proposed development on the existing foul sewer network and… if the findings of this assessment conclude that the existing system has insufficient capacity to accommodate the development, then [it] will undertake upgrade works on [its] sewer to provide sufficient capacity for the proposed development and rectify existing issues within the area of affected public sewer.”

What next?

Rectory Homes provided questionnaires to those attendees who wished to put their views in writing. The company says it will let the parish council have summary of their responses in due course. The company has also advised that its planning application is not likely to be submitted until the end of September and has undertaken to provide responses to the parish council’s own questions soon.

In the meantime, the parish clerk is keeping a record of all of the written comments received for reference, but it is important to note that individuals will still be able to submit their own comments once the application has actually been lodged with the local planning authority.

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