Parish Council Publications and Tariffs

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HC Indicates that a document is available in hard copy format from the Parish Clerk at a cost of £0.10 per page.

Adobe PDFCemetery – Tariff of Fees (from 2014) (HC)
Adobe PDFRose Garden Guidelines 2015-2016 (HC)

Finance, Policy and Governance
Adobe PDFKSPC Accounts (2016/17) (HC)
Adobe PDFKSPC Annual Return 2014-2015, Sections 1-3 (HC)
Adobe PDFKSPC Annual Return 2014-2015, Auditors Report (HC)
Adobe PDFKSPC Budget Payments 2015-2016 (HC)
Adobe PDFKSPC Budget Receipts 2015-2016 (HC)
Adobe PDFKSPC Financial Regulations 02/12/2015 (HC)
Adobe PDFKSPC Standing Orders (03-12-2015) (HC)
Adobe PDFKSPC Finalised Budget Payments 2014-2015 (HC)
Adobe PDFKSPC Finalised Budget Receipts 2014-2015 (HC)

Meeting Agendas, Minutes, etc (HC)

Parish Councillors’ Contact Details (HC)

Call the Parish Clerk on 01295 816905 (or use the email link below) for more information.

Click here to contact the Parish Clerk by email.

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